Synopsis for my NaNoWriMo novel! The working title title is “Distopian”. I will probably change it though.

Set in the early 2020s after the world economies unanimously start crashing the Great War breaks out. At some point in the war an unknown party starts using “bio-bombs” releasing hundreds of previously eradication diseases that kill over a billion people. But the bombs also did something else… they started raising the people that they killed from the dead. It is unknown whether it was a new disease or the combination of diseases used together that reanimates the dead. With the undead now roaming world wide it falls on Aby Matthews shoulders to lead a group of young adults from New England to Las Vegas, which is rumored to be the last standoff of mankind on this side of the world. With dehydration being the zombies only natural weakness the desert seems like the safest place to be, if they can only get there alive….

  1. illhaveasalute said: Pffft, you actually have a plot! I merely have a concept in my head. I suck at planning :P
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